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The Italian Wars - Ultimate (Battle Beta)

Lun 14 Nov 2016 - 16:30 por Miguel80tp

The Italian Wars - Ultimate (Battle Beta)

Lanzada la beta del futuro Italian Wars - Ultimate. Se han añadido varias facciones nuevas, junto con una revisión completa de todas las estadísticas de las unidades. También se han agregado nuevos sonidos y música que proporcionan una sensación completamente nueva y un ambiente renacentista.

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Imperium Globale mod

Balduino IV
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Pontífice Máximo

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Imperium Globale mod

Mensaje por Balduino IV el Miér 30 Sep 2009 - 19:34


Mods updated for 1.4 patch:

1. All minor playable v.1.1


v. 1.1

1. Protectorate could not declare war fixed.
2. Barbary_states allied to United Pr. and in war with Ottomans fixed.

v. 1.0

1. All minor included protectorates playable.
2. FoW removed.
3. Victory conditions added
4. Protectorate made independent, free diplomacy choices .
5. Diplomacy relation of x-protectorate with x-patron changed to allied.
6. Camera bug fixed.

Download Link


Place startpos.esf and scripting.lua in ETW/data/campaigns/main. Keep a backup of original one.

I had included by mistake the scripting.lua that reveals all the map. Now I've uploaded the right one, As of you have downloaded it and you don't like it in that way just edit it (with notepad) and delete the line scripting.game_interface:show_shroud(false) at the end of the last local function group.

2. Late Campaign

Since the removing FoW bug has to be done in almost all provinces (except United States) I've included in scripting.lua the FoW removing command for the entire map.

Download Link


Place startpos.esf and scripting.lua in ETW/data/campaigns/main. Keep a backup of original one.

3. Emergent playable

Since in previous attempts there were many problems with the emergent, I've decided to follow a deferent approach . I'll make separated files for each emergent in an attempt to reduce the searching area of the bugs. For this reason I am not going to proceed in any improvements like conversion of capital, adding regions, etc. After a necessary time period every emergent that will be reported as bug free will be included in the same startpos so at the end to be made one file for all emergent. Some emergent are already included in the Late Campaign mod.

1. Punjab (Late Campaign)
2. Mamelukes (Late Campaign)
3. Afghanistan (Late Campaign)
4. U.S.A. (Late Campaign)
5. Naples & Sicily (Late Campaign)

6. Scotland Download Link

7. Greece Download Link

8. Mexico Download Link

9. Quebec Download Link

10. Ireland Download Link

11. Norway Download Link

12. Colombia Download Link

13. Hungary Download Link


Place startpos.esf and scripting.lua in ETW/data/campaigns/main. Keep a backup of original one.

4. Early American Colonization

Special thanks to:

Demokritos, for history research, consulting and his valuable help for this mod.

Hinkel , for his help in making flags.

This mod of ETW is about the American colonization in the 17th century. At this time Spain has already establish a colonial status in central and south continent, and in Caribbean islands. Other European factions have strong bases in Caribbean and maintain some trade settlements in the coastline of North America.

Map: American theater of ETW.

Starting date: 1647 A.D.

European colonial factions:

1. British West Indies
2. Nova Gallia
3. Westindische Compagnie
4. Nya Sverige
5. Neu Kurland
6. New Spain

Native American Factions:

1. Innu
2. Ongwanonsionni
3. Ochetiyotipi Shakowin (Sioux)
4. Ani-Yunwiya
5. Wendat

Starting positions: European factions have a strong presence in Caribbean, in Central and in northern parts of South America. All of them, except New Spain, also maintain trade settlements in the cost line of North America. These settlements are presented as forts and they are protected by a stationed garrison. In the beginning, Europeans are in piece, have trade relations and some of them are allied with the natives that own the regions they have settled down. All North America and Newfoundland belongs to native Americans. Also in Caribbean strong Pirates are looking to loot passing trade ships.

Important note: Never live forts-settlements ungarrisoned or they will change ownership automatically.

Armies: Europeans can recruit armies in all regions they own or they'll conquer but there are limitations in the type and the numbers of units. Generally they can recruit unlimited units of settlers, militia, minutemen, native mercenaries, etc. to every region they own or conquer. Professional units can be recruited in limited numbers only in the starting regions and the major cities that may conquer like Boston, Pennsylvania or Quebec. Some units are excluded at all from the game. There was an effort to keep the necessary historicity, however not in the expense of the game enjoyment. Natives have limitations in the numbers of fire armed units. Also they cannot recruit artillery units.

Fleets: Unavailable naval units include the ships that are over 3rd rate (2nd, 1st, Heavy) and the steam ships. Pirates can recruit also strong fleets. All type of naval ships can be recruited in trading ports so there is no need to build naval ports.

E.A.C. v. 2.0:

* Updated for 1.4 patch.
* Other minor changes

* Characters and units birth date changed according game's starting date.

E.A.C. v. 1.1:

* Problematic pirates fleet removed.

E.A.C. v. 1.0:

* Starting date 1647 A.D.
* Changes in regions ownership.
* All N. American regions, cities, towns, facilities, changed to native_american type.
* Preopen info changes (victory conditions, regions ownership, descriptions, etc.)
* Diplomatic relations reworked.
* Episodic units added.
* Limitation on type and numbers of professional units.
* AOR for professional units.
* Artillery units unavailable for natives, limited fire arms units.
* Historical portraits and characters added.
* Loading screens added.
* New Courland is based in Curacao instead of the correct Trinidad & Tobacco.
* New Spain's population reduced in order to reduce also the advantage of her inland placement.
* Other minor changes

Changes for next release:

* New units.
* More portraits, graphics and descriptions especially for the natives.
* Historical changes for natives thanks to Demokritos work.
* Correct flags for New Sweden and New Courland thanks to Hinkel's work.
* Improvements in scenario and game difficulties after the expected feed back.

Download and Installation:

Two ways of installation are provided, auto-installer and manual. Prefer auto since it also provides uninstall function. Either way none of your files will be overwritten. For instruction see the included readme.txt file.

Auto install download link

Manual install download link

Previous 1.3 startpos mods:
Spoiler Alert, click show to read:
The following starting positions are based on a startpos.esf modding technique I am trying for sometime now with success. The mods include large scale city conversions and regions ownership changes, new factions, etc. The modifications are limited in the starting position with some basic changes (some portraits, factions descriptions, etc). My goal is to increase the variety of the campaigns map since there is luck of modding tools.

These mods can be combined with the excellent reskined packs that are released in the mods section of the forum or can be played as they are (using vanilla material, units, flags, etc.).

Installation tips: Be sure you've updated with the latest patch of CA. Remove any forgotten mod pack of the type "patch", "release" , "movie" or _loc files of other mods you've might had installed before.

1. Emergent factions

There are reported two kind of problems playing with emergent factions: a) Crash in the first turns, b) crash deep in the game after many turns. The first case probably has to do with the handover bug. This can be happened even if you don't play as one of the three protectorates (13_colonies, louisiana and new_spain), since I've changed the protectorate status to independent. You have to replace vanilla scripting.lua with the fix scripting I've added under download link of the mod. The second case doesn't happen to everybody so it is hard for me to find out the reason. Have in mind that some random crashes are vanilla CA's. My last thought has to do with the date since I've left as starting date the year 1700. Soon I'll upload new versions with late starting date.


1.1 Emergent factions v. beta 0.0.2 : All available factions in grand campaign are playable. Starting date 1780.


Installation: Extract the files and place startpos.esf and scripting.lua in ETW/data/campaigns/main


1.2 Emergent factions v. beta 0.1.1 : All available factions in grand campaign are playable and emergent's capitols are converted into major cities. Starting date 1780.


Installation: Extract the files and place startpos.esf and scripting.lua in ETW/data/campaigns/main, regions.esf in ETW/data/campaign_maps/ global_map, conv_mod.pack in ETW/data

You have to activate conv_mod either using Mod Manager, or placing in the the first available line of user.empire_script file (C:/Users/(user)/AppData/Roaming/The%20Creative%20Assembly/Empire/scripts/) the line mod "conv_mod.pack";

2. Emergent factions plus Haiti, Belgium

This startpos is based on the previous one but there is also a large scale of region ownership changes. Some emergent factions are quite strong, Britain and France are presented in Indian theater along with Portugal, Maratha, Mughal, Mysore, Punjab, Afghanistan and United Provinces (Ceylon).

Also, Haiti and Belgium are introduced as new factions:

In this mod I use Boicote's flags (IMPERIUM GLOBALE mod)

2.1 Emergent factions plus Haiti, Belgium v. beta 0.2.1.

Faction descriptions added for all emergent. Also historic faction leader's names and portraits have been added for most of them. Changes in Haiti's records have been made for more stable campaign game.

Updated: New starting date 1780.

Fix file (scripting.lua)

Installation: Extract the files and place startpos.esf and scripting.lua in ETW/data/campaigns/main, regions.esf in ETW/data/campaign_maps/global_map, New_factions_B02_loc in ETW/data, New_factions_B02.pack in ETW/data.

You have to activate New_factions.pack either using Mod Manager, or placing in the the first available line of user.empire_script file (C:/Users/(user)/AppData/Roaming/The%20Creative%20Assembly/Empire/scripts/ ) the line mod"New_factions_B02.pack";


2.2 Emergent factions plus Haiti, Belgium V. beta Starting date year 1780

Same as above without cities conversions.


Installation: Extract the files and place startpos.esf and scripting.lua in ETW/data/campaigns/main, emergent_reg_loc in ETW/data, emergent_reg.pack in ETW/data.

You have to activate emergent_reg.pack either using Mod Manager, or placing in the the first available line of user.empire_script file (C:/Users/(user)/AppData/Roaming/The%20Creative%20Assembly/Empire/scripts/ ) the line mod "emergent_reg.pack";

3. American Civil War

In this mod Union States and Confederate States are added, ready to struggle for the dominion of the continent and -why not- all the world:

The Blue:

The Gray:

Aquel que no vea que en la Tierra se está llevando a cabo una gran empresa, un importante plan en el cual colaboramos como siervos fieles, está ciego

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Re: Imperium Globale mod

Mensaje por Shogun123 el Miér 9 Dic 2009 - 22:16

este mod que es tipo stainles steel pero para el empire?
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Re: Imperium Globale mod

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NO creo porque el empire no se pude modear mucho de momento.


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Re: Imperium Globale mod

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Oe ese mod cambia el idioma del juego es que me lo quiero descargar para jugar con colombia =P me vi como la jugaban en un video de youtube y quiero conquistar america entera Buajhajhajha evil2 evil2 evil2

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Re: Imperium Globale mod

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¿Algunos aspectos, como las naciones emergentes, son compatibles con el Ultimate Empire?

Gracias de antemano.


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